Bart Claessen – Showtime


‘Showtime’ is a fresh piece of extremely well-produced electronic dance music by dutch legend Bart Claessen. Mr. Claessen has scored several big original records and remixes over the past years including titles like ‘Catch Me‘ and ‘First Light‘. And his previous moniker might also sound very familiar to most of you; Bart entered numerous charts worldwide with his ‘Barthezz’ project for which he delivered hits like ‘On The Move‘ and ‘Infected‘.
He has successfully been evolving his sound within the never-ending development of electronic dance music and it seems he has now reached a new era in his sound.
‘Showtime’ is enormous – or at least we believe it is. Bart has managed to deliver a big record that keeps up with the current sound, but also one that is even a bit ahead of it at the same time. His professionalism made him keep a fresh view on music which is clearly noticeable in every sound he picked. Big ups to you, Bart. We love it when someone takes more effort to keep ahead of the game. The melodies are top-notch too, but that’s something we never have to doubt about with Bart’s productions. We hope every DJ will pick this up and hopefully it will even gain you some airplay. We think you deserve it. Top quality!


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January 14, 2013 All Music, Electronic