MUSIC VIDEO: Madeon – The City


Madeon is a producer from France mostly known for his genius productions full of quick edits and samples. He gained massive popularity through his “Pop Culture” live mash-up video on YouTube which received millions of hits in just a couple of days. ‘The City’ is his latest single featuring vocals from Zak Walters and Cass Lowe. Madeon once again succeeds in delivering a solid uplifting feel-good record full of sizzling synths and pumping beats. With close to 600k views on YouTube the music video has already attracted a big crowd and we’re pretty sure it won’t stop there. If Fred Falke, Alan Braxe, Daft Punk or Justice are amongst your favorite producers and you haven’t heard anything by Madeon yet, make sure you check out this beauty!


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October 29, 2012 All Music, Electronic